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Birthdate:Sep 16
I'd like to live by the ocean one day.

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afrobeat, anthropology, architecture, atheism, avoiding hipsters, bathing, beer, being nosy, blue things, breakfast foods, breakfast in bed, cartoons, chandrika soap, cheese, chinese history, classical music, coffee, comics, complaining, computers, contemporary fiction, conversations in bars, cooking without recipes, dancing by myself, dancing poorly, dark corners, daydreams involving travel, design, documentary films, dreams, dylan moran, economics, emotional health, entomopathogenic fungus, fantagraphics books, food, good jazz, hating ayn rand, hiding, holding hands, home decorating, honesty, humanism, insects, intelligence, introspection, joking around, journalism, julie doucet, kissing eyelids, krampus, libraries, literary realism, lorrie moore, love, love and rockets comics, male ballet dancers, maps, marxism, max, mercury dance band, messy hair, middle eastern music, motorhead, music, my friends, not being smug, nutrition, obscure medical facts, occasional cooking, oceans, old buildings, old radicals, open learning, overcoming my past, people watching, philosophy, pittsburgh, pms, political graffiti, pop culture, prisons, psychogeography, psychology, reading, reading random journals, researching stuff, running fingers through hair, russian history, saba island, salsa music, sea shanty, sex, shameless tv watching, silence, slag heaps, socialism, staying home, staying in bed, staying sane, surrealism, sviatoslav richter, tea, technology, telling the truth, the past, the self, travel writing, traveling, turkish music, walking around, wine, world music, writing
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